The Difference Between a GED
and a High School Diploma

GED High School Diploma
Cost Up to hundreds of dollars Free
Location Completely remote 1x1 help, instruction from onsite faculty, counselors, coaches
Assistance Expensive online trainings Learn online and collaborate / get help in-person at local facilities
Help with technology None Wi-Fi and loaner technology so you have the tools to succeed
Job Options Available, but with potential stigma Eligible for 90% of available jobs
Monthly Income Limited $1,600 more per month than GED
Lifetime Value Limited At least $500,000 more earning potential in your lifetime than GED
% Pursue Post-Secondary Education 43% 73%
% Obtain Bachelor's Degree Less than 5% 33%
Military Dropout Rate 45% 25%

Above data from the U.S. Census Bureau & The Bureau of Labor Statistics